Water and food : security in Europe. The annual conference of Eurocase 10/11/11, Real Academia de Ingenieria, Madrid, Spain

Future increases in population combined with changes in dietary habits, will require sustained increases in crop production in the next decades well above present levels. Additionally, there may be demands on agricultural products for uses other than food production, such as energy from biomass. It is not clear that the agricultural systems of Europe will be able to cope with the challenge of achieving food security and, at the same time, contributing to the alleviation of food shortages elsewhere.
Over 80 percent of food production in Europe depends on rain fed systems, while irrigation contributes almost 20 percent. The uncertainties in seasonal rainfall even in the humid areas are an important limitation to increasing the productivity of European agriculture.
Most climate scientists agree that global warming will result in an intensification, acceleration or enhancement of the global hydrologic cycle, thus leading to more uncertain water supply in the future. Irrigation stabilizes production but its further expansion in Europe is constrained by ecological, hydrologic, and economic limitations.

The Annual Conference will first analyze the main issues related to food security in Europe and then will focus on unlocking the connections between food production and water use in the face of climate change.

First announcement
Forecasts on population growth and economic development indicate that there will be substantial increases in food demand for the forthcoming decades. Sustainable food systems for Europe require a commitment of state of the art engineering technologies to provide our citizens with sufficient and safe food now and in the future.

The Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain (RAI) is responsible this year for the organization of the Euro-CASE Conference.
Until now, Europe has been capable of producing sufficient food, but there are uncertainties associated with climate change with pose a challenge for the future.
The Conference will deal with food security and climate change issues and will address the water requirements to produce sufficient food in the future for Europe and beyond.

The event will take place on November 10, at the Real Academia de Ingenieria facilities, in Madrid.

Invitations will be sent via email well in advance of the event. Should you wish for a written invitation, let us know via email
Registration will be opened on September 2011. Deadline for registration is 2 November 2011.

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