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10 questions to Bernard Lebuanec on GMO

GMBs (genetically modified bodies) are defined in a European directive as being bodies other than human beings, the genetic material of which has been modified in a way that cannot be achieved naturally by multiplication and/or combinatory techniques.

These living bodies are obtained by “transgenesis”.According to advice issued by national and international expert committees, these GMPs do not present any specific danger to health or the environment given that they are cultivated in 29 countries now and authorized for human or animal consumption in 58 countries, including the European Union.


“10 Questions about Robots”, addressed by Philippe COIFFET, Ed. Le Manuscrit,Paris, Sept. 2009

This booklet gives a rapid overview to the questions that the public at large raises most frequently when referring to Robots. It is a popular theme, in...

The relation between technology, growth and employment

“10 questions about the relation between technology, growth and employment”, addressed by Prof. Jacques LESOURNE

1. What are the long-term effects of technology on growth rates and job markets of a given national economy with few or no external...