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Water for food security and nutrition

Launched on May 15, a landmark report by the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) for the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) argues that access to water is a vital aspect of ensuring improved food security and nutrition. 

Moving beyond the scope of looking at the role of water not only for agriculture but also sanitation, the report calls for an integrated approach at higher levels of policy implementation and governance to ensure that the poorest and most marginalized communities have equitable access to the inputs and resources that they need to improve their lives and livelihoods.

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The NATF Strategic Plan is the result of an ensemble of reflections and actions conducted not only within the Academy, but also in concertation with other institutions involved in governance of Research/Innovation in France, notably the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, the Ministry for Industry, the CESE (the national Economic, Social and Environmental Council), OPECST (French Parliamentary Office of Assessment of Scientific and Technology Policy decisions), plus other academies in France and elsewhere via NATF’s active participation in organizations such as Euro-CASE.

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Alain Pavé. On the Origins and Dynamics of Biodiversity: the Role of Chance

Covers both biological and ecological aspects - from the gene to the ecosystem - to outline a "biological" theory of biodiversity
Shows us how these internal mechanisms are analogous to the mechanical devices that bring about “physical chance”
Evaluates the breadth of our knowledge on biodiversity, our possible responses, and the limits of those responses to the spontaneous biological and ecological aspects that we most often overlook