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13/05/2015 Conférences TAG, Exposition universelle, Milan


The TAG lectures, framed to be short and dynamic, allow the audience to come to grips with the major issues of research in the areas of agriculture and food, with a perspective of attaining sustainable development targets. Five thematics are offered – Foodstuffs, Agriculture, Climate Change, Environment and Health.
These themes illustrate how France is contributing to world foods supply issues through management and conservations of natural resources, new agricultural models, foodstuff safety …
The lecturers come from the major research and training establishments: universities, public research units, engineering schools and foundations. Among these personalities invite we have 4 NATF Fellows: Marc Mortureux, Director General of ANSES, Prof. Yves Lévi, University Paris Sud (Paris X), Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis, Inspector General French Ministry of Agriculture, Pierre Monsan, Director of Toulouse White Biotechnology.

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INAE-NATF Workshop on “Technology and Healthcare”

The first joint Workshop with National Academy of Technology, France (NATF) on “Technology and Health-Care” with emphasis on Bioinformatics was held on 15-16 October, at Évry-Génopôle, France. The second INAE-NATF Workshop on “Technology and HealthCare” with emphasis on Affordable Healthcare & Bioinformatics was organized from April 15-17, 2015 at National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore. Dr. Rajeev Shorey and Prof. PE Bost were the Coordinators of this event from INAE and NATF respectively. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the increasingly technology driven progress in affordable healthcare sector. The two and a half day workshop included current and important topics in healthcare, bioinformatics and related areas. Nine speakers from France and ten from India had participated in the event. During the two and half day workshop, technical visits to Department of Bio Sciences, IISc, Bangalore, Nano Science & Engineering Centre, IISc, Bangalore, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Institute of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine and Centre for Cellular & Molecular Platforms were also organized.