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Gelenbe Gelenbe

The Mustafa Prize recognises work of Prof. Erol Gelenbe

The Mustafa Prize, one the Islamic world's most prestigious science and engineering awards, awarded biennially, is a top science and technology award. It is being presented on Sunday 3 December 2017 in the field of Information Sciences and Technology to Professor Erol Gelenbe, from Imperial College London.
Professor Erol Gelenbe has been a prolific researcher, publishing in excess of 360 papers through his storied career in Belgium, France, the USA and the UK. He is a member of the National Academy of technologies of France.

Iae Iae

A Franco-Chinese report on nuclear energy submitted to the IAEA

During a side event of the AEIA Annual General Conference, a joint report was presented by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the French National Academy of Technologies and the French Academy of Sciences on policies and technological options for nuclear energy in the context of a future energy mix.

Gast Gast

50 Ideas to Change the World

The Financial Times is looking for 50 ideas with the power to solve the challenges facing the world in five important areas: population; energy and resources; skills and education; health; nature and the universe. The FT invites its readers to help it devise a list of these ideas.
FT journalists and external experts will help identify the most promising innovations. Amongst the external experts: Alice Gast, president of Imperial College London, fellow of the Académie des Technologies, France,