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How we perceive risk factors

In their new Academic Report, the National Academy of Technologies of France (NATF) – recalling that their motto is ‘Sharing reasoned, chosen Progress – analyses the question of how we perceive risks that accompany any form of innovation. The Report acknowledges the controversies that surround certain applications of science and certain technological innovations and raises the implicit political issue of the ‘city’s project’ and its objectives: what do we wish to do collectively with new knowledge and powers conferred by science and technology?

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Joint Academic Report and Recommendations in regard to implementing Next Generation Genome (NGS) Sequencing techniques in France

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, which allow high speed automated DNA sequencing, DNA sequence analysis and comparisons using big data algorithms are being used more and more in medical diagnosis, to provide prognosis information and for choosing a treatment that best fits the patient. 

The French “Académie nationale de médecine” (ANM) and “Académie des technologies” (NATF) jointly stress the scientific and medical importance of these technologies and call for bringing together strengths of the national computer science industry and the medical community in a public-private consortium in order to build a Demonstrator and Centre network filling up the growing gap between France and the most advanced countries in this field with great potential. They underline also common pitfalls which need to be addressed in technic, legal, economic, education and ethics issues, in order to make this complex project a success.