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We can readily see the emergence of new collaborative economy platforms, a ‘horizontalisation’ of Society … and deduce that a technological, social and organizational revolution is under way today. During the September 2015 Plenary session, devoted to “Innovation, Start-ups and Rejuvenation, the Academy under the initiative of its Vice-President, Alain Bravo examined several positive examples of the transition observed:

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Agriculture is responsible for ¼ of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) that arise through human activities. In order to feed an ever-increasing population on Earth, agriculture crop efficiencies will continue to grow - 14% per decade according to Inra (national agro-research establishment). Technologies therefore have a major role to play to limit the impact on the climate.
During a recent NATF session on “the role of technologies to moderate climate change”, Marion Guillou, NATF Fellow and Chair of the Board of Agreenium, interviewed Jean-François Soussana, senior research scientist at Inra (national agro-research establishment); they reviewed together the measures that need to be implemented if we want to decrease GHG emissions in the agricultural sector.

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Formation en ligne : FLOT's & MOOC's : séance du 14 mai 2014

MOOC's (Massive Open On-line Course) are currently of strategic importance for states, decision-makers and the media.
What is the purpose of MOOC's in the French way, to what extent is this practice widespread among teacher-researchers and students?
This session of the Academy of Technologies, animated by Alain Bravo, Yves Caseau, Michael Matlosz and Dominique Peccoud, makes a state of the art of uses, projects and perspectives.