Gelenbe Gelenbe

Erol Gelenbe: Neural Networks

Computer scientist Erol Gelenbe on history of neural networks research, Lapicque equation and reinforcement learning.
Erol Gelenbe is Professor in Computer and Communication Networks, Imperial College London. He is a member of the National Academy of technologies of France.

Gelenbe Gelenbe

Erol Gelenbe: Cybersecurity

Computer scientist Erol Gelenbe on different types of cyber-attacks and end-to-end security of health data exchanges.
Erol Gelenbe is Professor in Computer and Communication Networks, Imperial College London. He's a member of the National Academy of technologies of France.

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Jacques Lewiner Finalist for the European Inventor Award 2018

Few individuals are as prolific as French inventor, physicist and entrepreneur Jacques Lewiner. Throughout his career as a researcher spanning more than four decades, he has authored over 500 patent applications worldwide. He holds 68 granted European patents.

Morand Morand

Fashion Tech: the vision of Pascal Morand

Interview - Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la mode, member of the National Academy of technologies of France

Technologies have always been very important for fashion, like the invisible face of the fashion's iceberg. Now, with the digital revolution, the Fashion Tech is more visible. But the point is that Fashion Tech is not only linked with the digital technologies but with new technologies, for example, with research in chemicals. And you have still major concerns with logitics, supply chain etc.

Fashion is a key for modernity, and, in that way, has to contribute to preserve the planet, concludes Pascal Morand.

Revesdegosse Revesdegosse

Extraordinary Kids fly in ZERO GRAVITY !

The European Space Agency (ESA) and Novespace, subsidiary of CNES, offered a weightless experience to 8 disable kids, with the help of the association organizing the “Rêves de Gosse” (Kids’ dreams) event.
The kids came from five ESA member states – UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy – and boarded the converted Airbus A310 Zero G in Bordeaux, France on 24 August as part of this “Kid’s Weightless Dreams” flight. 
Joining the children were ESA astronauts from their corresponding member states: Tim Peake (UK), Frank De Winne (Belgium), Maurizio Cheli (Italy), Thomas Reiter (Germany), Claudie Haigneré, member of the National Academy of technologies of France and Jean-Francois Clervoy (France) mentored the children on board and answered their questions.

Gelenbe Gelenbe

Erol Gelenbe: cyber attacks: we need an international legislation

A large-scale cyber attack on Tuesday, June 27 targeted large companies and public services in several countries, in Russia, Ukraine, but also in Denmark, France, Norway, the Netherlands and Great Britain, where the parliament was targeted.
Interview with Erol Gelenbe, Professor at the Imperial College, member of the National Academy of Technologies of France.

Lehn Lehn

Jean-Marie Lehn: "Neurosciences and chemistry: a bridge to create."

Jean-Marie Lehn, membre du laboratoire ISIS de l'université de Strasbourg, prix Nobel de chimie de 1987 pour l’élaboration et l’utilisation de molécules exerçant, du fait de leurs structures, des interactions hautement sélectives était à l’ICM – Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière le 13 Mars 2017 pour donner une conférence sur le thème de la chimie organique et de ses applications bio-médicales.
Jean-Marie Lehn est professeur honoraire au Collège de France et membre de l'Académie des technologies.

Sahel pittsburg Sahel pittsburg

Sight Restoration: From Neuroprotection to Artificial Vision Jose-Alain Sahel

Eye & Ear Foundation Professor and Chairman of Ophthalmology
University of Pittsburgh Laureate Lecture
José-Alain Sahel is at the head of the research center Institut de la VisionJosé-Alain Sahel. The Institut de la Vision is one of the most important research centers in Europe on eye diseases. He is member of NATF.

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In Conversation with Laurent Alexandre

Laurent Alexandre, shares his perspective on the future of neurotechnology.

Today we are experiencing a technological revolution with the convergence of the NBIC. Transhumanism, artificial intelligence: what are the stakes and risks of this growing interconnection between nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, Informatics and cognitive sciences ? 

Laurent Alexandre is a surgeon specialized in urology, and member of the National Academy of Technologies of France.

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Is the EU the place for cutting-edge quantum physics?

If the EU wants to maintain its lead position in the world of research, it needs to fund its scientists better, claims acclaimed French physicist Alain Aspect in Parliament. Alain Aspect is a member of the NATF.