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In Conversation with Laurent Alexandre

Laurent Alexandre, shares his perspective on the future of neurotechnology.

Today we are experiencing a technological revolution with the convergence of the NBIC. Transhumanism, artificial intelligence: what are the stakes and risks of this growing interconnection between nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, Informatics and cognitive sciences ? 

Laurent Alexandre is a surgeon specialized in urology, and member of the National Academy of Technologies of France.

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Is the EU the place for cutting-edge quantum physics?

If the EU wants to maintain its lead position in the world of research, it needs to fund its scientists better, claims acclaimed French physicist Alain Aspect in Parliament. Alain Aspect is a member of the NATF.

Charles Charles

Global Aerospace Summit: Bernard Charlès

Bernard Charlès on digitalisation and an experience economy, at the Global Aerospace Summit 2016.
Bernard Charlès is President and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Systèmes and a member of NATF.