Innovation, start'up et rejuvenation

Emergence of new platforms of collaborative economy, horizontalization of society ... A technological, organizational, social revolution is in progress. And deeply transforms our economy and our jobs. During the session "Innovation, start-up and rejuvenation", the Academy of Technologies, under the direction of its Vice-President Alain Bravo, looked at positive examples of this transition.

Alain Bravo introduces the Academy session devoted to innovation, start up and rejuvenation

The digital champion Gilles Babinet and the serial businessman of digital marketing Stéphane Dehoche expose their vision of the digital transition.

Start'up in software: What job creation? Interview with Stéphane Dehoche

The economist Vincent Aussilloux (France Strategy) describs the current work to go "beyond GDP" in order to have a scoreboard of indicators designed to better measure the state and development of France.