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Our academicians express themselves in the media. Some of the statements are not the result of a collective effort within the Academy and reflect only the point of view of their authors.



The strength of the Academy lies in the diverse expertise of its 337 members, including four Nobel Prize winners. They come from the world of economics, but also from a wide range of other backgrounds, such as the world of research, sociologists, architects, and medical doctors. The collective expertise of the Academy is based on the shared experience of its members, who have had careers in a variety of technological sectors. The academic work is structured around thematic divisions without excluding, for example, the transversal work necessary for systemic analyses.


The Academy is an active member of European and international networks of Academies of Technology, and can thus cross-reference and enrich its own reflections with those of its counterparts. It is also involved in several bilateral partnerships.

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and Society

At a time of fake news and a certain radicalisation of technophobic or technophile statements, the Academy is committed to contributing to improving scientific and technical culture for a better understanding by all audiences of technologies and the issues related to them. It also strives to contribute to a more inclusive world of technology, starting from the general observation that technological careers are not attractive to young women, and that female experts are under-represented in technology-related fields.

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Women in Tech

Women in the Tech industry is a regularly updated portrait gallery of inspiring women who are committed to encouraging young people to pursue a career in technology and to sharing their vision and experience with the Academy.

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Supporting the Academy Foundation is a contribution to the success of the Academy of Technologies, to the dissemination of technology-related knowledge to all audiences, to the improvement of technical culture, to the reinforcement of technology education, to making the world of technology more inclusive, and ultimately to the success of companies engaged in innovative approaches to progress.

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