Académie des technologies

The National Academy of Technologies of France (NATF), as an independent public establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and under the protection of the President of the French Republic, exercises a mission of public service. The Academy was created in 2000 to inform public policy and society on technological development and its impact. It brings together several hundred elected fellows, from diverse backgrounds, who provide a variety of expertise on numerous technologies and societal issues. NATF seeks the common good as a trusted third party. It is an independent establishment and its organisational structure ensures the collegiality and relevance of its action for the accomplishment of its missions. The advice, reports, general orientations and actions of the Academy are adopted by vote of the assembly of academic fellows according to a rigorous process of quality assurance.


Four fundamental principles drive NATF’s actions: 



The role of NATF is to help make knowledge about technological development and its impact as informed and factual as possible, as a basis for debate to allow decision-makers and citizens to be well prepared for democratic choice. 

The Academy wishes to raise interest in technology-related issues, improve dialogue between experts and society at large and increase understanding of technological options. NATF supports useful technological advances, as well as professional training and career vocations in all areas of technology. 

Technologies are at the heart of the challenges facing our societies. This includes the ecological, energy and digital transitions, health care, equal opportunity, employment, education and nutrition, among others. Technologies not only provide solutions but can also raise questions, such as potential threats (for health, environment or safety). Thanks to the diversity of expertise of its fellows and its collective working environment, NATF provides in-depth and objective insight into these issues. It is committed to promoting useful and responsible technological choices, leading to improved living conditions for all. 


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