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Challenges for European Science and Technology Driven Innovation in Europe

A Euro-CASE working group (WG) was set up with the intent to identify opportunities to better link research to technological innovation in Europe for the post-Covid period. This work follows up on a « pre-Covid » report on the potential and limitations of Open Science for academia and technology that was prepared by the Royal Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Belgium, and published in English and French1. The WG stabilized to a core set of nine members (including three female members), that includes professionals with managerial and political experience, from business, industry, academia, government and regulatory bodies.

“Challenges for European Science and Technology Driven Innovation in Europe”
Authors: Erol Gelenbe, Guy Brasseur, Luc Chefneux, Véronique Dehant, Anna Fabjańska, Véronique Halloin, Michel Judkiewicz, Vladimir Mrša, Ignacio J. Perez-Ariaga
Publication date: 22/07/2022
Report to Euro-CASE

Extract from the Executive Summary:
In 2020 the GNP of the United States, the European Union (EU) and China amounted to $20.8bn, $15.3bn and $14.7bn, respectively. Europe with 7% of the world’s population produced 21% of the world’s scientific publications, ahead of the USA and matching China. But in 2020, among the twenty largest technology brands in terms of capitalization, one was European, with four Chinese companies and one Korean company. Among technology companies ranked by revenue, of the top twenty, only one was European. In 2020, among the top 50 companies by revenue, only 6 were European, while European venture capital deals accounted for 13% , against 50% for the USA, of an estimated $270 billion total venture capital deals across the world. These indicators, which included the UK as being within the EU for 2020, warn us that despite its history, culture, quality of life and size of its population, Europe must make further efforts to transfer science into technology, innovation and business. This report identifies some of Europe’s challenges in this respect, and recommends new initiatives to improve science and technology driven innovation in Europe.

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