Académie des technologies

Attractiveness of the professions, attractiveness of the territories and challenges for industry

The contribution that the various uses of technology can make to the attractiveness of jobs, companies, training and regions.

Technologies, particularly the digital technologies, but also technologies that contribute to the ecological transition and the fight against global warming help to improve the attractiveness of the industry’s trades/professions and territories.
The digital technologies reduce the handicaps of small and medium-sized towns and rural territories by reducing distances; they facilitate access to health services, they enable the development of knowledge and skills everywhere, and they contribute to the competitiveness of industrial companies, wherever they are located18. In the medium term, they enable the creation of a new industrial system consisting of small, networked units in all the territories, thus strengthening their attractiveness and improving their development prospects.
The technologies aimed at sustainable development, in addition to their contribution to environmental protection or the limitation of global warming, reinforce the “raison d’être” of the industrial companies that integrate them, thereby giving meaning to the activities of these companies and contributing to making them more attractive.