08/09/2016 Paris

1st International Conference on Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment


Environmental contamination by pharmaceutical residues is a major concern throughout the world. These contaminants, with other emerging pollutants, are source of great scientific challenges in terms of ecotoxicity, public health, soil pollution, agricultural discharges, and management strategies of drinking water and wastewater.


Agnès Artiges, Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, France

Damià Barceló, Environmental Chemistry Research Institute of Barcelona, Spain

Hélène Fenet, University Montpellier 1, France

Thierry Godard, National Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products, France

Klaus Kümmerer, University of Lüneburg, Germany

Yves Lévi, University Paris-Sud, France, member of the NATF (National Academy of technologies of France)

Isabelle Momas, University Paris Descartes, France

Shane A. Snyder, University of Arizona, USA

Ettore Zuccato, Pharmacological Research Institute "Mario Negri", Italy

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Cloître des Cordeliers
21 rue de l'École de Médecine
75006 Paris