Common seminar “Science, Technology, Society: An impossible debate?” between the National Academy of Technologies of France and the Royal Academy of Belgium, Bruxelles, 2012-09-19

Upon the initiative of Euro-CASE (Mr Jacques Lukasik, Secretary General of Euro-CASE and Member of NATF), the NATF “Society and Technology” Commission (Mr Yves Farge, President) and on behalf of the ARB “Technology and Society” Class (Mr Jean-Louis Migeot), a common seminar was organized on the theme “Technology perception by the public and conditions of a serene debate on technologies in our society”.
This meeting gathered about 50 people and took place on September 19, 2012 from 10.00 to 17.00 at the Palace of Academies in Brussels.

The relationship of trust between society and technology, key factor of progress, has largely disappeared although citizens and organizations of our countries have never lived in such a universe oftechnology, so present in all aspects of their lives.
The seminar successively dealt with three themes: climate change, nuclear energy and GMO. After a short presentation of technical and scientific stakes and their perception by the public, a large debate included comments from psychologists, sociologists , legal experts, economists, physicians, historians, communication and media experts and … engineers.

A synthesis of this debate will be available after the approval from the participants.