24/09/2018 Zurich

Euro-CASE Conference 2018: How AI will shape our future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing ever more powerful. An increasing number of countries support R&D in this field with considerable funding. Several nations have published AI strategies or established government bodies dedicated to fostering the technology. However, the world’s biggest tech companies are leading this field driving not only large societal change but also creating an increasing concentration of power. How does that affect us? What can we do in Europe, and particularly in Switzerland, to compete successfully in this promising field?

At this year’s Euro-CASE conference you will learn about the driving forces for AI innovation. Recognized experts will present cutting-edge developments in AI research and some of the latest AI-based services and business applications. 

The Euro-CASE Annual Conference 2018 will take place in Zurich on Monday September 24 at:

Centre for Global Dialogue
Gheistrasse 37 - CH-8803 Rüschlikon Switzerland
Organised by SATW on the subject of 'How will Artificial Intelligence shape our Future'