Excellence and relevance : a new look at assessment; an NATF Rencontre with Jean-Claude LEHMANN, former NATF President, convened at the ANRT headquarters, Paris, Feb.8, 2011

Excellence and relevance - a new look at assessment

Tuesday Feb. 8, 201, 8h30 to 10h00

ANRT - meeting room, 3rd floor

41 boulevard des Capucines - F75002 Paris

Among the reforms ongoing in the French system of Research and Innovation, the establishment of the National Agency for Assessment of Research and Higher Education (AERES) and the accompanying changes in the national assessment procedures and accompanying measures are certainly noteworthy.

The cultural challenge here, of course, is to strike a reasonable balance between the objectives assigned to public research teams and establishments, viz., training, research, added value and knowledge dissemination…, presupposes that the scientists themselves can and will appropriate these aims.

Assessment itself changes significantly the way the scientific community acts and reacts and pursues one key objective: the search for efficiency in research matters and on all its missions. Prof. Lehmann proposes and throws light on several aspects of these issues. What are the learning phases and how does appropriation take place? How can we best conjugate excellence and relevance? Indeed, how do you ascertain relevance?

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