At its statutory plenary session, December 9, 2014, NATF elected fourteen new Fellows; the Academy now has 298 Members.

Members of NATF are chosen from “high level personalities offering the best skills in various technology-intensive areas, but also competent on the processes associated with technologies, from research to applications, from finance to dissemination, covering economic, social and cultural factors”.

The newly elected Fellows are:

François BERTIERE – Chairman and CEO at Bouygues Immobilier.
Gérald BRONNER - Sociologist and novelist – professor at University of Paris 7, Diderot.
Alain CADIX – former Director of the Ecole nationale supérieure de création (ENSC), appointed head of the Design Mission, as of 2013, by the Minister in charge of Industrial Rehabilitation and by the Minister in charge of Culture and Communication.
Corinne GENDRON – Professor of the Chair of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development at the University of Quebec, Canada.
Marc GIGET – Founder President of the ‘Club de Paris for Directors of Innovation’ ; PhD in development and international economics.
ZHONG CHAO HAN - Doctor in haematology - Director of the Institute of Haematology, Tianjin 天津, China.
Philippe JAMET – Chairman of the ‘Conference’ for French (engineering) Grandes Ecoles; Director General of the Institute Mines-Telecom.
Abderrahmane KHEDDAR - Director of the Joint Robotics Laboratory, Japan and Senior Research Scientist at the CNRS.
Laurence DANON – Chairwoman of the Executive Management Board of the Italian Commercial Bank Leonardo.
Patrick MAESTRO – Chief scientist at Solvay
Sophie MOUGARD – Director General, Paris Region Transport Syndicate (STIF)
Denis RANQUE – Chairman of the Board, Airbus Industries and the ParisTech Foundation.
Rudy RICCIOTTI - Architect and design engineer – laureate of the national architecture Grand Prix, 2006 – has designed numerous sites (Mucem, Marseilles …)
Jacques SOUQUET – Chairman of Supersonic Imagine, a company specialized in medical imaging as used in echo graphics

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