Grand prix de l'impertinence 2011 : Cnam, 22/9/2010

A Most Impertinent Grand Prix, 2011

CNAM, Sept. 22, 2010

The hearings for the Most Impertinent Grand Prix for 2011, will take place at Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM, Paris), on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010 under the auspices of the French Ministry for Higher Education, Science and Technology. This year’s event is dedicated to Jacques MARSEILLE [b.Oct.15, 1945, Abbeville; d.March 4, 2010 Paris – a well-known historian of economic questions].

The Most Impertinent Grand Prix aims at rewarding truly impertinent, irreverential, novel ideas and actions that have a bearing on sustainable development, entrepreneurship, development, land planning and services. The winner of the 2011 Prize will be announced on May 18, 2011.

Former Prime Minister, Senator Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN (Vienne), President of the Prospective and Innovation Foundation, Vice-Chancellor Christian FORESTIER, Administrator General of the CNAM, Prof. Michel GODET, Fellow NATF, CNAM- Chair of Strategic Prospective, and Prof. Jean-Claude BOULY, CNAM – Artisanat, Management of SMEs and Director of the CNAM’s National Centre for Entrepreneurship (CNE).

Prof. GODET will present to the audience the book Impertinences 2010, which contains all the texts that the Jury rewarded in the 2010 Prize session, recently published by Documentation Française.

He will also make a presentation on the theme “Creative thinking and Innovation in Land Planning” covered in a joint report drafted between the French National Council for Economic Analysis (CAE), the National Academy of technologies of France (NATF) and the Inter ministerial Delegation for Land Planning and Regional Assets (DATAR).

The Most Impertinent Grand Prix, initiated in 2007 is organised by the ‘Circle’ of Future Entrepreneurs (CNE) a CNAM Institute, with the support of the NATF, the National Agency for Research (ANR) and the DATAR, under the direction of Prof. GODET. The Circle is composed of 50 or so establishments and enterprises, in close association with the Prospective and Innovation Foundation.

The Jury is chaired by Vice-Chancellor Christian FORESTIER, Administrator General of the CNAM.
The other permanent members of the Jury are: Jean-Pierre ALIX (Special Adviser, Presidency of the CNRS) Presidency, CNRS),

Ms Marie-Hélène AUBRY (Adviser to Minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology, Gilbert AZOULAY (Director Delegate, AEF), Prof. Rémi BARRE (Director for Prospective Studies, Ministry for Higher Education, Science and Technology) ; Jean-Claude BOULY (Director CNE-CNAM) ; Stéphane CORDOBES (Adviser at DIACT) ; Prof. Pierre CHAPUY (CNAM) ; Vice-Chancellor Prof. Gérard-François DUMONT (Sorbonne) ; Prof. Philippe DURANCE (CNAM) ; Prof. Yves FARGE (NATF) ; Prof. Michel GODET (Fellow NATF, CNAM, in charge of the ‘Cercle’) ; Michel GRIFFON (Deputy Director General, National Agency for Research) ; Alain LEBAUBE (journalist) ; Ms Jacqueline LE COURTIER (Director General, National Agency for Research); André LETOWSKI (APCE) ; Jacques MARSEILLE† (weekly review Le Point) ; Marc MOUSLI (Lipsor) ; Jacques THEYS (Director of the Centre for Prospective, Ministry of Equipment and Works and Stéphane VINCENT (Advancia).


- Sept. 22, 2010, 18h00 : inaugural session for the 2011 Grand Prix / CNAM - Amphithéâtre Abbé-Grégoire – 292, rue Saint-Martin Paris 3e.
- Grand Prix Ceremony : May 18, 2011
- Publication : September 21, 2011

The Grand Prix regulations

Individual or collective papers are to be sent in, at latest by March 22 2011, to, or by post, 5 copies of each document, to the following address:

- attention Sylvane LANIEU, CNE-Cnam – 4, rue du Docteur Hendenreich / CS 65228 - F54 052 NANCY CEDEX.

Papers should be both inductive and relevant and not published previously. The document will have between 6 000 and 30 000 characters, i.e., between 3 and 14 pages format A4. Authors will add their CV and a summary, maximum 3 000 characters, including spaces. Papers that are selected for awards by the Prize Jury will be published by the Ed. Documentation française in the category “Impertinences” and will be put on line on the site of the Cercle des entrepreneurs du Futur.