KET’s - Key Enabling Technologies

A high level group (HLG) to develop the EC programme for Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) was set up February 7, 2013, in Grenobles, in the presence of Geneviève Fioraso, minster for Higher Education and Research and her Government colleague Arnaud Montebourg, minister in charge of Industry , plus several other European Member State ministers and the Vice-president of the European Commission

Antonio TAJANI.

The continuous loss of competitivity of Europe’s industries has led Europe to define and implement a structured policy to revitalise the economy. In this light, 6 Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) were identified. They will constitute levers to enhance competitivity for European industries and will act as a flagship signal for future innovative actions.

Jean THERME, Director of the CEA Grenobles, Fellow of the NATF, was appointed as Chair of the Group. Bruno REVELLIN-FALCOZ, Past President and Delegate for International Affairs and Member of the Board of EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) was designated by EIT to ensure the liaison between the HLG (KETs) and EIT.

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