Nanotechnologies in ITC lecture by Prof. Claude WEISBUCH - Toulouse, 23/11

Nanotechnologies in ITC applications.

Lecture delivered by Prof. Claude WEISBUCH, - Toulouse, Nov. 23, 2010

Prof. Claude WEISBUCH, NATF Fellow, Director of Reserach at the CNRS, Professor at UCSB (Santa Barbara) will deliver a lecture on “Nanotechnologies in ITC applications”, as part of the programme organised by ASSOSCIENCES MIDI-PYRÉNÉES.

Symmetry in Nature, Determinism in Quantum mechanics, Contaminant organic impact of water and the environment, Acoustics and Harmony … gives readers a sample overview of the issues covered by the programme of lectures organised by the Assosciences Midi-Pyrénées for yr. 2010-2011. From September to June, the lectures, free of access are delivered in the Salle du Sénéchal, rue de Rémusat, Toulouse.