On the Road to Post Carbon Cities - Toulouse, 30/9/10

Post-carbon cities Workshop - Greater Toulouse

“On the road to post-carbon cities »

Thursday Sept.30, 2010, 8h30 to 13h00

Home offices of Grand Toulouse, 1 place de la Légion d’Honneur, 31505 Toulouse

The threat that global warming has on our environment and Societies today is unquestionable. France has taken the commitment, in ratifying the Kyoto Protocol to stabilise its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the period 2008-2012, bring them down to the level attained previously in 1990. The Government consequently launched its “Climate Plan 2004-2012”, which denominator covers a series of actions to be implemented on a national scale – the aim is to divide by factor 4, France’s emissions by yr. 2050. The regional and local town authorities are all encouraged, especially the latter, to draft a so-called territorial climate plan (PCT in French).

In this context, Greater Toulouse initiated a PCT Plan, with a dual approach – reducing GHG emissions and acquiring an ecological label for the Greater Toulouse urban area by yr. 2020.

Moreover, the city of Rennes accepted to engage in an unusual and dynamic process with the European Union, in the framework of the “Mayors’ Contract”, signed by more than 50% of the Mayors of the Greater Toulouse area.

Greater Toulouse has a number of short-term, mid-term, and long-term projects and several remarkable projects already under way. These projects stress use of the most recent technologies that contribute to limiting greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and to manage energy consumption as efficiently as possible.

Tentative Programme

8h30 Welcome address, Pierre COHEN, MP, Mayor of Toulouse, President of Greater Toulouse

8h45 National Academy of Technologies of France (NATF) and “Energy” issues by Bruno REVELLIN-FALCOZ, NATF Vice-President and Bernard TARDIEU, Chair of the Standing Committee for Energy and Climate Change.

9h00 For a Sustainable Greater Toulouse
M. Daniel BENYAHIA, Deputy Mayor Toulouse , President of the Commission Urbanism and Urban Projects and Ms Régine LANGE, Deputy Mayor, Sustainable Development and Agenda 21, Executive Secretary of the Commission for the Environment, Greater Toulouse.

10h00 The national policy for "sustainable cities” associating research scientists, local authorities and enterprise
M. Bernard DECOMPS, Fellow NATF, advisor to the President of the
Competitivity Pole Advancity.

10h30 Pause

10h45 Mobilities – Eco-mobilities
M. Joël CARREIRAS, Deputy Mayor Toulouse, President of the Commission for Transport and Mobility in Greater Toulouse (CUGT)

11h15 Value-adding to local renewable energy sources
M. Bernard SAUNIER, President and CEO,
Saunier & Associés, Fellow NATF

11h45 Periurban Agriculture
Ms Arlette SYLVESTRE, Mayor of Launaguet, President of the Commission for the Environment, Greater Toulouse (CUGT)

12h15 e-health – Autonomy and accompaniment for ageing citizens
M. Bernard KELLER, Mayor of Blagnac, President of the Commission for Economic Development and Employment, Greater Toulouse (CUGT)

12h45 Conclusions

13h00 End of workshop

The workshop will be moderated by Alain MONGON, leader of the working party (WP) on “Energy and Urbanism” one of the Founder Members of the National Academy of Technologies of France (NATF).