06/06/2017 Paris


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200 years after Louis Vicat

UNESCO, Paris, France

6th to 8th of June, 2017

For 200 years, cement has faithfully accompanied society in all its evolutions. At the heart of a dynamic and innovative concrete sector, cement constantly improves its process to present building solutions that serve the general interest.

This symposium is organized by the ATILH and the French cement industry. It is sponsored by the French National Commission for Unesco and has received sponsorship from the french Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Technologies of France and the FIB (Federation of the Concrete Industry).

« The Future of Cement » - an international scientific symposium organised on the bicentennial of the discovery of the laws governing cement hydraulicity- will demonstrate, in a post-COP 21 context, the commitment of cement to sustainable construction and the contributions of concrete to this paradigm: less CO2, and less energy but with still more performance, safety, comfort and aesthetics.

A committed player involved in the transmutations of both construction and urbanism, the cement-concrete sector presents real environmental benefits. Structured around a circular economy model based on resource proximity, with sustainable and responsible procurement, and grounded in industrial ecology whenever possible, the intrinsic durability of the final product is a rewarding feature in eco-design.

This international symposium is the very expression of the vitality of our industry, and we are delighted to invite the members of the scientific community from all over the world to discover the latest innovations in cement and concrete !

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