Académie des technologies

Pauline Schmidt

  • Captain
  • Transavia
  • 37 years old
  • Sponsored by Philippe Jamet in 2022

Why a career in tech?

Good question ! I have always been passionate about aviation, which has allowed me to combine my interest in science with my need for freedom that flight can satisfy.

Your professional experience?

After a scientific baccalaureate and a year of preparatory classes, I joined the National School of Civil Aviation as a student airline pilot. Later, I resumed studies in mathematics up to the aggregation and earned a master's degree in management

Your first experience with technology?

I joined Air France as an airline pilot at the age of 20 and I'm still there! It is a company in which one generally remains throughout one's career.

What do you do today, and why?

For 3 years, I have been seconded to Transavia, the low-cost subsidiary of the Air France group, as Captain on the Boeing 737. I am also a flight instructor there, I train pilots who join the Company. So I divide my time between flights and simulator training sessions.

Your strengths in this role?

Passionate above all, because pilot is a profession that one does not exercise by chance. It is this passion that makes it possible to endure the few negative aspects of the job, including fatigue. Then I am rigorous and stable, which allows me to deal with critical situations that may arise.

Past challenges, failures and disappointments?

My natural optimism makes me forget what works less well in order to move forward !

Best moments, successes you’re proud of?

Passing my end-of-training Captain's check. The acquisition of the 4th stripe is undoubtedly the most anticipated moment of the career. And also my success in the aggregation, a bit by chance, having prepared the test quite summarily.

People who helped, influenced -or made your life difficult?

I was lucky not to have anyone who made my life difficult, or at least I managed to ignore them! On the other hand, I remember certain teachers or professors, like my master of 3rd grade, who did his best to feed my taste for mathematics. And my parents, who always helped me pursue my dreams, never suggesting that I should limit myself.

Your hopes and future challenges?

Professionally, let nothing change, my current situation fulfills me perfectly. The next challenge will undoubtedly be sporting, with a marathon coming up in the fall.

What do you do when you don’t work?

So I run! Almost every day, and I train in an athletics club. And I play bridge, competitively.

Your heroes -from History or fiction?

Mermoz. It still took a hell of a lot of courage to fly over the desert, the ocean and the Andes in the conditions of the time!

A saying or proverb you like in particular?

Nothing is impossible

A book to take with you on a desert island?

The little Prince

A message to young female professionals?

Dare! Do not set yourself a barrier and aim high, it is the only way to be able to achieve your dreams.


The questionnaire answered by the Women of Tech is a variant of the Proust questionnaire, named not because Marcel Proust got lost in the Paris metro, but in memory of Emilie du Chatelet, a woman of letters, mathematician and physicist, renowned for her translation of Newton's Principia Mathematica and the dissemination of Leibniz's physics work. She was a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Bologna Institute. Emilie du Chatelet led a free and fulfilled life during the era of the Enlightenment and published a speech on happiness.

Emilie Du Chatelet

Woman of letters, mathematician and physicist

1706 - 1749