Académie des technologies

Sarah Malatchoumy

  • Mass-Market Intervention Technician
  • Orange
  • 31 years old
  • Sponsored by Thierry Bonhomme in 2022

Why a career in tech?

This is an area that has interested me ever since I was a child. I spent my time watching my father, who worked in the electricity sector and sometimes in IT, repairing computers. Once I was old enough to help him, I began to take a real interest in breakdowns, and I remember feeling proud if I could help him think of ways to solve breakdowns.

Your professional experience?

My work experience is quite varied. First, I worked in sales as a shop assistant. I also worked at an airport as a station agent. Later, I retrained in a technical role, working in fibre optic.

Your first experience with technology?

My first experience in Tech was as an apprentice with Solutions 30, a fibre optic connection company. I carried out customer interventions for Free.

What do you do today, and why?

I am now a Mass-Market Intervention Technician for Orange. I was drawn to this position because it's a technical role and I like anything technical. Also, it's a job where I can help customers, give them support, advise them about products and services, and establish a relationship of trust – which also helps with my own personal growth.

Your strengths in this role?

I am very customer-focused, empathetic, proactive, autonomous, and patient.

Past challenges, failures and disappointments?

The biggest challenge I have faced so far was to achieve my goal, passing my exams so that I could go on to work in the technical profession, which was so important to me.

Best moments, successes you're proud of?

My best moments were following my apprenticeship at the Ducretet CFA training centre, with Orange. My proudest success is qualifying as a technician and being recruited by Orange. It's a great source of pride to me, and my family too, because they know just how important it was for me to work in tech, and I'm especially proud that I dared to take that first step and that I went all the way.

People who helped, influenced -or made your life difficult?

I had no complaints about doing my apprenticeship with Orange. I had a lot of help along the way, from my colleagues, from school and on the ground. I learned a lot from both of my tutors, and I enjoyed learning alongside them.

Your hopes and future challenges?

I would like to develop into communications and management, while staying closely linked to the technical side.

What do you do when you don't work?

Outside of work, I enjoy DIY, decorating, travelling...

Your heroes -from History or fiction?

My heroine is Joan of Arc, as she was a warrior, a brave and independent woman, who boldly went to war without hesitation, even though that was unheard of.

A saying or proverb you like in particular?

My motto is “above all, take pleasure in all that you do, be sincere and determined, and appreciate a job well done” (quote from the French chef Philippe Etchebest).

A book to take with you on a desert island?

“Hidden Figures”. It's the true story of three outstanding female African-American scientists who worked on NASA's space missions in the 50s.

A message to young female professionals?

What I want to say to young women is just be bold, don't be scared about wanting to do what you love in life, don’t be put off by others or worry about what people might think of your choices, and follow your passion all the way. Don't think twice about claiming your place in a male-dominated environment, it just proves that we all earn our place.


The questionnaire answered by the Women of Tech is a variant of the Proust questionnaire, named not because Marcel Proust got lost in the Paris metro, but in memory of Emilie du Chatelet, a woman of letters, mathematician and physicist, renowned for her translation of Newton's Principia Mathematica and the dissemination of Leibniz's physics work. She was a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Bologna Institute. Emilie du Chatelet led a free and fulfilled life during the era of the Enlightenment and published a speech on happiness.

Emilie Du Chatelet

Woman of letters, mathematician and physicist

1706 - 1749