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Towards Low-GHG Emissions from Energy use in Selected Sectors

This CAETS 2022 Energy report reviews existing technologies that could be used immediately to reduce green-house gas (GHG) emissions in seven key sectors: Food and Agriculture, Buildings and Smart Cities, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Cement, Iron and Steel, Information and Communication technologies.

The deployment of these technologies would lead to deep emission reduction before 2040, however these technologies are not sufficient to meet net zero targets by mid-century. The report also highlights research and development needs for new or improved technologies and demonstrations for the near ready technologies.

The Executive Summary, full Report, and Annexes are accessible on CAETS website:

Report written by the members of the Energy Committee 2021-2022 and prepared by Yves Bamberger, Vice-President of the National Academy of Technologies of France, supported by Dr. Wolf Gehrisch and Dr. Gaël-Georges Moullec.

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